Paediatric Dental Clinic

At Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital we strive to give high standards of quality oral health care to children and families in a multidisciplinary team approach.

We are the leading hospital in family dental services with our service being offered in our Main hospital in Muthaiga, Nairobi and a variety of our satellite clinics. Our multi-disciplinary team work together to make treatment recommendations that ensure quality patient care.

Our team of general dentists, pedodontists, orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons endeavour to lead in safe, effective and patient-centred dental care.



We offer a variety of general dental treatments to children of all ages and to adults at our main clinic in Muthaiga as well as at all our satellite clinics including:


1. Digital dental imaging – orthopantomogram (OPG Xray) and intra-oral periapical (IOPAs) to assist in diagnosis and treatment of various dental conditions.

2. Tooth-colored restorations/fillings for children and adults.

3. Silver (amalgam) restorations/fillings for adults.

4. Tooth sealants – for young permanent teeth in children at high risk of caries.

5. Full mouth scaling, polishing and fluoridation (gum therapy).

6. Pulp therapy for baby teeth – pulpotomy and pulpectomy.

7. Root canal treatment for young permanent and adult teeth.

8. Management of fluorosis by masking and home bleaching kit for mild cases.

9. Stainless steel crowns for pulp treated baby molars and young permanent first molars.

10. Space maintainers for premature loss of baby molar teeth.

11. Extraction of milk teeth as well as adult teeth.

12. Management of oral trauma and accidents – mild injuries are handled at the clinic level whilst severe lacerations and fractures are handled by the maxillofacial surgeons in minor theater at Muthaiga.

13. Replacement of missing permanent teeth by removable partial prosthesis/dentures.


We also offer specialised treatments for children at our Main Muthaiga Branch including:

1. Dental treatment for anxious and fearful children <8 years under conscious sedation with midazolam.

2. Specialist review by our pedodontists for conditions such as severe enamel hypoplasia, dentinal dysplasia, for special needs children, for behaviour management and other specialised paediatric dental treatment.

3. Full mouth restoration for special needs patients (autistic, cerebral palsy and down-syndrome) and for very young and uncooperative children.

4. Orthodontic treatment – for alignment of crowded teeth and correction of open bite due to thumb-sucking, digit sucking or tongue thrusting habits.

5. Surgical repair of cleft lip and palate through the Smile Train international programme – Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital offers free surgery to cleft patients up to 18 years of age.