Pharmacy Services

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital Pharmacy

Your child often responds to medication a little different than an adult would. At Gertrude’s Childrens Hospital Pharmacy, our team of over 60 pharmaceutical staff work together with other departments to ensure quality and safe medication therapy for your child.

We aim to be the reference center of excellence for specialized pediatric pharmacy practice in Africa by providing good quality medicines with dynamic & information driven pharmacy services

What we do for you

  • Reviewing your medications before dispensing and working with your doctors to achieve the best possible outcome for your child

  • Taking the time to help you understand the medication your child is taking: What it is, how does it work and what to expect

  • Determining and Dispensing the most suitable medication form for you and in some cases designing and preparing an individual mixture or powder (Extemporaneous Formulation), especially for the youngest of our patients

  • We are an information centre for any paediatric medication questions: We offer up to date information on medication choice, identification, dosing, adverse effects and interactions.

  • Management of poisoning cases

    We offer advice for both healthcare professionals and the public with regard to the management of poisoning cases.

    The Medicines and Poison’s Information Service hotline number:
    (0708 988 400) can be assessed 24 hours a day all year round.

The department’s Organogram

  • Dr. Susan Mutua – Chief Pharmacist
  • Dr. Esther Mokaya- Medicines Information & Formulary Pharmacist
  • Dr. Ben Kyaka – Medication Safety Pharmacist
  • Dr. Winnie Akoth – Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist
  • Amanda Muriuki – Pharmacy Supplies In-charge
  • Caroline June Kariuki – Chief Pharmaceutical Technologist
  • Competent team of over 55 Pharmaceutical Technologists