Preparing For A Hospital Visit

Preparing For A Hospital Visit


Whether you plan to visit the hospital for a stay or a regular check-up, the whole ordeal can be quite nerve wrecking. Late nights, toddlers in pain and unable to sleep, finding out you forgot the medical information you need… We understand, it can be a lot. Especially when your children are still quite young, hospitals are sometimes the norm due to how sensitive they are. That is why encourage parents and guardians to always be prepared- whether the visit may be planned or not.  


In such situations, there are lots of things to consider that could end up overwhelming you. Do you have enough diapers? Where did you put your insurance card? Did you remember to carry an extra sweater just in case? Here are a few tips from Gertrude’s Hospital to help you feel more prepared! 

  1. Understand and prioritize your concerns to ask your doctor e.g. different symptoms to look out for in your children 
  2. Pack and prepare what you may need- For your little ones these may be a comfortable change of clothing, toys or books to keep them occupied, snacks and toiletries 
  3. Confirm which of our 16 branches is closest to you, call us or book an appointment online, and carry with you any medical history or allergy information that is relevant. 



When children know that they are going to see a doctor or visit the hospital, this is a thought that may frighten and confuse them. Your little one could be worried about being separated from you, the pain they may feel, and may also worry about being in an unfamiliar environment. These ‘little’ feelings are completely valid, and it is therefore important to talk through them.

For children under the age of five, preparing them a day or so in advance will calm any nerves they may have. Gently explain the importance and benefits of visiting a doctor and assure your little one that you will be by their side throughout. Having doctors and nurses who are friendly goes the extra mile in making sure both you and your children feel comforted throughout. 



You could be bringing your bundle of joy for their vaccinations, perhaps your toddler has had a persistent cough, or maybe your teen has been complaining of a headache. Whatever the case may be, both you and your child are looking to be welcomed with gentle and quality medical care during these moments. By making sure you have the information you need and you have prepped your children, choose in Gertrude’s Hospital to provide you with Paediatric care that puts the needs of your little ones first.