As A Parent, Why Is Learning First Aid Important?

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As A Parent, Why Is Learning First Aid Important?

Parenting Is A Full-Time Job!

Watching over your little ones is truly a full-time job! From eating, playing with their friends or while they are helping us in the kitchen, their curiosity can get the better of our little ones. That is why as a parent you have to be their eyes and ears until they gain their footing. One of the ways to do so is by ensuring you are well versed in First Aid training! As long as you have some basic knowledge, then you are securing the safety of your children. Knowing what goes into your kits and how often is key. You want to avoid situations where you need to apply an ointment and find that it has expired or needing a bandage but it no longer has its elasticity. By checking on your kits every 3-6 months, you avoid occurrences of your items going bad, and you are able to easily replace them once used.


My Little One Needs Me, What Should I Do? 

As much as your children will use up all their breath and energy to ensure they have your undivided attention, there comes a time your heart skips a beat because your little one needs you urgently. A likely occurrence is your child getting a burn while helping out in the kitchen. They may have discovered a deep passion for cooking, but you have to secure that dream by keeping them protected! Here are some do’s and don’ts in case you little one gets a minor burn: 


  1. Do run the burned area under cool water for at least 10 minutes as this reduces any swelling or pain 
  2. Do use a clean cloth or bandage to cover the area as this keeps the burn clean and will allow for recovery free from infection 
  3. Do give your child a painkiller to reduce the pain  


  1. Do not apply any butter or oils to cover the area 
  2. Do not use ice to cool down the area 
  3. Do not touch or allow your little one to touch the area  


Walk, Don’t Run! 

Whether they are taking their first wobbly steps, or are running around with the friends, falling down is an inevitable part of your little one’s childhood! Allowing them the freedom to explore is crucial to their development, so make sure you know how to deal and scratches and scrapes they may get while they grow! Follow the acronym R.I.C.E to ensure a speedy recovery: 

  1. R – Rest the area and stop your little one from moving around too much 
  2. I – Ice the area every 15-20 minutes to keep the swelling down 
  3. C – Compress the area firmly but not tightly with a bandage 
  4. E – Elevate the area using a chair, pillow, or stool to keep your little one comfortable as they recover 


How Do I Make Sure I Know What I’m Doing? 

Because we understand how sensitive watching over your little ones can be, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital offers both First Aid training and advice from our medical staff to guide you through the moments your little one may require some medical assistance. Remember to seek immediate medical attention if your little one continues to complain of pain. Reach out to us to learn more about how we inform, empower, and educate you on the steps to take as you protect your children!