In addition to the communications sent on April 2, 2020, & May 3, 2020 we would like to give an update on our processes to continue providing essential care while ensuring the highest level of safety for patients, their families, and our staff.

1. Hours of Operation: The Muthaiga hospital continues to operate 24 hours every day. The satellite (outpatient centres) now operate between 7am and 7pm.

2. Continuity of Service: In line with international best practice, the Ministry of Health guidelines, and our own internal protocols, we continue to provide all our regular healthcare services including but not limited to:

2.1. Paediatric accident and emergency Care
2.2. General paediatric outpatient care
2.3. Paediatric specialist outpatient care/clinics on appointment
2.4. Paediatric inpatient care
2.5. Vaccination services for both children and adults on appointment
2.6. Dental services for both children and adults on appointment
2.7. Theatre/Surgical Care for both emergency and elective surgeries
2.8. Neurodevelopmental and rehabilitation services on appointment
2.9. Tele-consultation and home delivery of medicines

3. Covid 19 Preparedness
3.1. We have not managed any patients with Covid19 at any of our facilities, and all tests for those that meet the criteria for testing have been confirmed to be negative for Covid19.
3.2. We continue to implement the highest level of infection control and prevention in view of the global Covid19 pandemic and none of our staff have tested positive for Covid19.
3.3. We remain vigilant and have made adequate preparations to provide the highest level of care for any patient with Covid19 that might seek care at our hospital.

4. Annual Flu Vaccine
4.1. We now have available the new 4-strain vaccine against seasonal influenza for both adults and children at all our facilities for those that would like to take their shot before the cold season.

5. Cancer Care
5.1. We have moved over 90% of our cancer care (chemotherapy) from an inpatient to outpatient process. This is both to enhance the safety and cost-effectiveness of cancer care. Over 80 treatment sessions in the month of May 2020 have been delivered safely through this process.

We thank you for your understanding regarding the service adjustments that we continue to make to ensure the highest level of infection control, optimal preparedness for Covid19, and continuity of regular service delivery across our network.

Feel free to reach out to us should you need to clarify any issue relating to this subject matter, or indeed any other relevant issue, through 0207206000, 0730645000, 0709529000, 0110923200,

Dr. Robert Nyarango
Chief Executive Officer