Maxillofacial Clinic

Maxillofacial Clinic

Our Maxillofacial Clinic attends to all face conditions 

Our experienced doctors are there to help diagnose and treat any diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, face and neck on your child.

Maxillofacial Clinic

Welcome to our esteemed Maxillofacial Clinic, where comprehensive care meets aesthetic expertise. Our clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional treatment for conditions affecting the face, jaw, and oral structures.

Our team of skilled maxillofacial surgeons and specialists offer a wide range of services, including corrective jaw surgery, dental implant placement, facial trauma reconstruction, orthognathic surgery, and cosmetic procedures. We combine advanced surgical techniques with a keen eye for facial aesthetics, ensuring both functional and cosmetic outcomes.

At our Maxillofacial Clinic, we understand that each patient is unique, which is why we emphasize personalized treatment plans. We work closely with patients to understand their goals and develop tailored solutions to address their specific concerns.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and the latest technology, our clinic provides a comfortable and modern environment for patients. We employ advanced imaging systems, such as 3D cone beam CT scans, to facilitate accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Our operating rooms are equipped with cutting-edge surgical instruments and technologies, ensuring the highest standards of surgical care.

Our dedicated team of maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, nurses, and support staff are committed to providing compassionate care throughout your journey. From your initial consultation to post-operative care, we prioritize clear communication, patient education, and support, ensuring you feel confident and well-informed every step of the way.

Whether you require corrective surgery for a facial deformity, dental implant restoration, or facial rejuvenation procedures, our Maxillofacial Clinic is your trusted destination for comprehensive and innovative care. Experience the transformative power of our expertise and regain your confidence with a radiant smile.

At our Maxillofacial Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address various conditions affecting the face, jaw, and oral structures. This includes corrective jaw surgery, dental implant placement, facial trauma reconstruction, orthognathic surgery, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders treatment, and cosmetic procedures such as facial rejuvenation and chin augmentation.
Our team of maxillofacial surgeons consists of highly experienced professionals who have undergone extensive training and possess specialized expertise in their field. They have a wealth of experience in performing complex surgical procedures and are committed to providing the highest standard of care. Rest assured that your treatment will be conducted by skilled surgeons who prioritize both functional and aesthetic outcomes.
While some patients may be referred to our clinic by their dentists or physicians, a referral is not always necessary. We welcome both self-referrals and referrals from other healthcare providers. If you believe you require maxillofacial treatment, you can contact our clinic directly to schedule an appointment and discuss your concerns with our specialists.
The recovery period varies depending on the specific procedure and the individual patient. Our surgeons will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions tailored to your case. Generally, most patients can expect some swelling and discomfort immediately after surgery, which will gradually subside over time. Full recovery can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the procedure performed. Our team will closely monitor your progress and provide guidance throughout your recovery journey.
Scheduling an appointment is simple. You can either call our clinic directly to speak with our friendly staff who will assist you in finding a suitable appointment time, or you can use our hospital's online appointment booking system for added convenience. We strive to accommodate our patients' needs and offer prompt appointments to ensure timely access to our specialized care.

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