New Parents

New Parents

Excited and eager? Nervous, but in a good way? Overwhelmed yet grateful? Somewhere in-between terrified and thankful is where you will find new parents. The joy and responsibility of being called “mom” or “dad” is indescribable and whether you are thinking about it or on your way to parenthood, there are a few things to consider about the magical journey that awaits you! 

Parenting is beyond diaper changes and late-night feedings. It is creating a strong bond with your little one, as they understand how the world works. It is being a guide and protector for them as they explore and learn. It is learning from your children just as much as they are learning from you. One of the most important ways of assuring this, is by securing their health! Are they developing properly? Are they eating correctly? A parent’s concerns are endless, and that is where Gertrude’s Hospital comes in!  

You will hear all kinds of information about how to care for your little one, and that is why you need a trusted medical partner to decipher the myths from the facts. Should you use pacifiers? Are baby walkers safe? How long should your little one bask in the sun for? As you will quicky learn, every child is different but with the right paediatric team by your side, you will receive the medical care you need to protect your bundle of joy as they grow.   A good example is flus, for they are very common in children. Their bodies are still learning how to protect themselves and visiting the hospital is a norm especially for the first few months. So, when should you seek medical assistance? 

  1. If your baby has a cold that interferes with their breathing 
  2. If your baby has fewer bowel movements than usual and seems to be in discomfort  
  3. If your baby cries with fewer tears, has fewer wet diapers, and/or a dry mouth. 

What about their sleeping schedules? What are the tips that will help you during those long nights? 

  1. Put your little one to sleep while they are drowsy, but still awake to help them associate their bed with sleeping 
  2. Follow a consistent routine that they will be familiar to, e.g. feeding/bathing/reading to them right before they sleep. 
  3. If fussy, experiment with back massages, speaking to them softly and even playing music to help them drift off to sleep.  

Walk with our Well Baby Clinic to learn your baby’s vaccination schedules, development milestones and many more. For those who may have to feed fussy eaters, our Nutrition Clinic will save the day! Our Doctors and Nurses are not only well trained, the empathy and care they exude removes all fear and replaces it with trust that your children are in good hands. Whether you are a new parent or you have some experience, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital puts the well-being of your little ones first!