Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

doctor treating young boy

Main Objective

To equip the graduates with knowledge and skills to prepare them to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes.

Who is an EMT?

EMT is a clinician, trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes. EMT is most commonly found working in ambulances, but should not be confused with “ambulance drivers” – ambulance staff who in the past were not trained in emergency care or driving. EMT can also be found on Fire Department apparatus, Police vehicles, sports and industrial settings, construction sites or based in a hospital.

EMT is trained to assess a patient’s condition, and to perform such emergency medical procedures as are needed to maintain a patent airway with adequate breathing and cardiovascular circulation until the patient can be transferred to an appropriate destination for advanced medical care. Interventions include cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation, controlling severe external bleeding, preventing shock, childbirth, body immobilisation to prevent spinal damage, and splinting of bone fractures.

Why EMT?

  • The County governments are required to have within every county emergency teams -thereby making the job market ready for such qualified
  • EMT training offers a wider playing field especially for qualified persons- Emergency training is not limited to medics but the skills are applied in every field where emergency solutions to emerging issues are necessary.
  • The Training gives the students the skills necessary to save lives if called upon especially in situations where hospitals are not in close reach.
  • The skills offer a wider career playing field for you- from the sports arenas, to construction sites, hotels, ambulance etc.

The training is internationally recognized thus not limiting you to local jobs but to international and worldwide.

Why Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital Institute of Child Health and Research?

  • Gertrude’s has an internationally recognised training institution and it will be certifying in conjunction with Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technician (KCEMT) that means the student’s certificate will be recognized even as they conquer their world.
  • Gertrude’s has a unique training centre that offers hands on training in a hospital environment with all the necessary equipment and facilities.
  • Graduates are qualified to take the National Registry Examination for certification as an EMT- 1 and may apply for work with an ambulance service

Training Dates

 January and July

Training Duration: 

7 months divided into 5 months of four hours per day face to face lectures+2 months clinical exposure

Times of training:

 5 pm- 8 pm


Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital training centre- Muthaiga

Apply now to:

The Principal,

Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health and Research

Muthaiga Road

P.O.Box 42325 -00100

Nairobi Kenya

Tel: (+254) 759297589

Email: trainingschool@gerties.org