Diploma in Counselling: Child & Adolescent Option

young stressed girl in a counselling session

The two year child and adolescent counselling option course will be offered to trainees undertaking a diploma in counselling, child and adolescent option at Gertrude’s Institute of child health. This course will enable the trainees to offer the services to children and adolescents in schools health institutions, children rehabilitation centres, homes, work places among others.

The major goal of this course is maintaining optimum children’s mental health. Through adolescent and child counseling option, trainees will acquire knowledge of issues unique to children and adolescents and how to respond to this group more appropriately. They will also acquire skills, attitudes and values that will enable them help clients face day to day challenges.

Child and adolescent counseling option course will be taught by carrying out child and adolescent activities rather than just giving facts to trainees.  The course will comprise theories and practice offered for 890 hours inclusive of practicum and a research project. The curriculum has been developed in theoretical units and clinical placement based on the concept that the child is a whole person and a member of the family and community

Suggested teaching materials and training resources, evaluation methods, and teaching and learning activities have been suggested but the trainee should as much as possible use resources from his local environment.

Programme Goal

To produce graduates who have the requisite skills to become professional child counselors who can work in schools, hospitals, children organizations and institutions to ensure children’s mental health.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme

At the end of the course, the learner shall be able to;

  • Acquire knowledge in counseling
  • Integrate the different models  and theories in counseling
  • Demonstrate the ability to establish a therapeutic relationship
  • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired in psychological testing and assessment.
  • Apply the  knowledge and skills acquired in child and adolescent counseling
  • Understand the common psychological challenges faced by children and adolescents in different developmental stages.

Eligible Applicants and Number:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Mean grade of C Plain
  • Doctors, Nurses, Clinical officers, Counselors, nutritionists,teachers who would like to take an extra course in counselling

Duration of the Course:

2 and a half years


Psychosocial Counsellors, Doctors, Paediatric/Child Specialists and Lecturers


The course will be offered at the Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health and Research, Muthaiga.

Application Deadline:


Scheduled dates for the Courses:

September every year

Apply now to:

The Principal,

Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health and Research

Muthaiga Road

P.O.Box 42325 -00100

Nairobi Kenya

Tel: (+254) 759297589

Email: trainingschool@gerties.org

With Ksh 1000/- Non Refundable application fee