Advances in Pharmaceutical Care Training Course


A Focus on Paediatric Formulations and Medication Safety.


The Professional Training Centre, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Who should attend?

Physicians, pharmacy personnel in hospital or community settings, nurses, interested health officials in hospitals, ministries of health, university or private organisations.

Candidates with experience in paediatrics or who wish to expand their knowledge in paediatric extemporaneous formulations and patient safety.

Please note: Numbers for the course are restricted to ensure participants’ interaction with tutors is maximised.

Course focus

The course will focus on current best practice in the compounding of paediatric extemporaneous formulations and medication safety aspects. The following areas will be covered:

Extemporaneous preparations

Risk management; Quality management; Personnel and Training; Premises and equipment; Documentation; Preparation; Formulation & Stability; Quality control; Complaints, product recalls and adverse events; Quality Assessment; Audit & Monitoring; Extemporaneous formulary and monographs.

Medication safety

Introduction to medication safety; Health care providers’ experiences – fatal medication errors; Understanding the causes of medication errors – I & 11;Preventing medication errors – a shared responsibility; Preventing medication errors: specific medications, patients and conditions; Reducing risks and creating a just culture of safety.

Design and Methods

The course will be conducted in English and will be highly participatory consisting of presentations, discussions, smallgroup activities and field visits. The training will be based on materials developed collaboratively by Dr. David Woods, New Zealand and the Chief Pharmacist, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital.


Dr. Robert Nyarango is the Chief Executive Officer and coordinator of clinical governance at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya. Prior to this, he was head of department of pharmacy at the same organization for over five years. He was appointed The Head of Outpatient Services before he was later appointed the acting Chief Executive Officer before being confirmed on the same position in 2016. Dr. Nyarango has a keen interest in quality healthcare delivery and has made a significant contribution in integrating clinical governance into every aspect of clinical care leading to quality improvement at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital. He is a holder of bachelor of pharmacy and is currently pursuing master’s degrees in clinical pharmacy and business management. He has authored and co-authored a number of publications on use if medicines in paediatrics.

Fees and Registration

Early bird course fees: $ 300

Standard Course fees: $ 350

Course fees include attendance to the course, copy of the course material, lunch and light refreshments on all the 5 days. Please note the course fees do not include: Flights or accommodation. Payment details will be ernailed to you once the registration form is completed. A course cocktail is planned for all participants. The fee for this cocktail is included in the registration fee.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund will be given for any cancellation before August ($ 50 will be retained for administration costs).

Contact persons

For a copy of the registration form and any further information please send an e-mail to any of the following contacts:

Drugs & Therapeutics Committee –