To meet and be accountable for our customers’ medicine related needs by providing good quality medicines and dynamic, information driven pharmacy service through appropriate infrastructure, competencies and skills.


To be the reference center of excellence for specialized pediatric pharmacy practice in Africa.


⦁ Customer Expectations

⦁ Clear Protocols

⦁ Continuing Professional Development 

⦁ Consistent Safety

⦁ Communication

⦁ Continuous Quality improvement 

The pharmacy offers pediatric medicines that are safe and of quality. Available in the most convenient way to use that is baby friendly. There are policies and procedures that guide the selection of medicines that are used in the hospital. The tender and formulary systems ensure that quality and cost effective medicines are procured for patients. There are systems in place to ensure timely and constant supply of medicines and other related devices to patients.

There are systems in place to ensure uninterrupted distribution of medicines within the hospital and across all the satellites. 


The department’s Organogram

Dr. Susan Mutua - Chief Pharmacist 

Dr. Sara Agak – Formulary & Quality Assurance Information Pharmacist 

Dr. Esther Mokaya- Medicines information Pharmacist 

Dr. Ben Kyaka – Medication Safety Pharmacist 

Protus Letoya – Pharmacy Supplies Incharge

Caroline June Kariuki – Chief Pharmaceutical Technologist 

Competent team of over 55 Pharmaceutical Technologist 



The Pharmacy department is headed by the Chief Pharmacist, who oversees medication management and use and is responsible for the department’s operations. The department has twelve  pharmacies each led by a Pharmacy Team Leader – Muthaiga, Lavington, Donholm, Nairobi West, Pangani, Embakasi, Komarock, Kitengela, Rongai, Thika, Mombasa and Buruburu. All Pharmacy Team Leaders are qualified, experienced and competent Pharmaceutical Technologists.

 A Pharmacy Team Leader has a team of Pharmaceutical Technologists who report to him/her and run the operations of the pharmacy on a day to day basis. The Pharmacy Team Leader reports to the Chief Pharmaceutical Technologist who in turn reports to the Chief Pharmacist. A Senior Pharmaceutical Technologist oversees the operations of the Pharmacy store which is a key section of the department that deals with the procurement of pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies for hospital use.




 Clinical Pharmacy 


 Pharmacists provide pharmaceutical care to patients with the aim of improving therapeutic outcomes and the overall quality of life.  The Pharmacists ensure appropriate medicines are utilized and therapy monitored to ensure that desired treatment outcomes are achieved and adverse effects minimized.  Patients and their caregivers are educated about their medication and how to use them in an endeavor to improve patient knowledge and medication compliance. 

 Medicines and Poisons Information Service 

 The department’s competent personnel offer up to date information on medication choice, identification, dosing, adverse effects and interactions among others Advice can be offered for both healthcare professionals and the public on enquiries with regard to the management of poisoning cases. The Medicines and Poison’s Information Service has a hotline number that can be called 24 hours a day.  

CALL 0708 988 400


Extemporaneous Compounding of Medication 

Paediatric medications formulations that are otherwise not available commercially are prepared extemporaneously Evidence based references are used in the preparation of such formulations. Trainings are conducted to institutions on extemporaneous compounding. 

Medication Dispensing 

Medicines are dispensed to both out-patients and in-patients on presentation of a valid prescription. Medication dispensing is guided by approved policies and procedures to ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes. Prescriptions drawn from prescribers not practicing within the hospital are also filled. Patients with priority needs or complex medication regimens are contacted a couple of days post-discharge for follow-up counselling to enhance medication use adherence. 


Consultancy services are provided for hospital pharmacies that require support in best practice and standardization of hospital pharmacy practice. We utilize our team of competent and passionate staff to conduct such consultancy services. 

Future Focus 

Currently the pharmacy is constructing a clean room which will be used in the TPN preparation, preparation of chemo drugs, Unit dosing for the wards.