Thika Clinic, Thika

The clinic is conveniently located within Thika town, at Zuhura Place on Kenyatta Highway, off Garissa Road opposite Tuskys Supermarket.

It is accessible to our customers living in and around Thika.

Thika Clinic provides healthcare to children in a serene and child-friendly environment that ensures your child gets personalised medical attention. Backed by a well trained, experienced and dedicated team of medical professionals, the clinic provides holistic paediatric care.

The clinic is an outpatient facility with specialist clinics that cater for both acute and chronic illnesses.

Opening Hours

8.00am to 8.00pm on Monday to Saturday
9.00am to 7.00pm on Sundays and Public holidays


Emergency & Outpatient Services

Outpatient care to children with acute and chronic conditions


Our laboratory is well equipped with ultra-modern equipment that perform a wide range of tests to support evidence based care.

We process laboratory requests from practitioners operating near our clinic. The laboratory and its staff are licensed by relevant authorities.


Our pharmacy is well stocked with quality drugs to meet the growing need for quality healthcare for children. Besides serving our in-house clients, we attend to walk-in clients who may have prescriptions from outside our facilities and may request our services. The pharmacy and its staff are licensed by relevant bodies.

Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre provides a wide range of services to prevent illnesses and promote good health. The wellness services help to detect illnesses which if attended to early enough, prevent future complications. Our wellness services are available everyday.

Wellness Services include:

  • Immunisation against childhood illnesses
  • Vaccination against preventable illnesses for children and adults
  • Vaccination for travellers (we are approved to provide International Travel Vaccines)
  • Nutritional assessment and counselling
  • Pediatric review
  • Growth monitoring
  • Health education

Please note Measles and BCG vaccines are given on Fridays 8.00a.m – 12.00 noon.

Dental Services

We offer unparalleled dental services to children and adults on appointment.

Tel: 0207206010, 0730645010, 0709529010