The Gertrude's Senior Management

Dr. Robert Nyarango
Chief Executive Officer
Mr Edwin Onchari
Chief Operations Officer
 Dr. Thomas Ngwiri
Head of Clinical Services
Mr Baraka Kerich
Chief Finance Officer
Ms. Caroline Ayilo
Chief Nursing Officer
Dr David Kiptum
Chief Paediatrician
Ms. Caroline Osundwa
Outpatient Services Manager
Mr. Kenneth Afwande 
Head of Human Resources
Shared Services Manager
Ms. Esther Karugia
Information Services Manager 
Mr. Peter Kanda
Purchasing Manager
Ms. Annesser Kiarie
Chief Pathologist
Dr. Beatrice Kabera
Chief Pharmacist
Dr. Susan Mutua
Chief Dentist
Dr. Sylvia Noah
 Chief Intensivist
Dr. Wangui Manguyu 
 Business Development Manager 
Bernard Mpara
 Quality & Safety Coordinator 
Jane Ngivu
 Deputy Chief Nursing Officer 
Consolata McFwaya
 Theatre Manager
Ms. Leah Asami
 Lavington Clinic Manager
Dr. Bisase Moraa
 Donholm  Clinic Manager
Ms. Angela Kyongo
 Nairobi West  Clinic Manager
Dr. Martha Ruguru
 Pangani Clinic Manager
Ms. Winnie Hallonda
 Embakasi  Clinic Manager
Ms. Florence Kamau
 Komarocks  Clinic Manager
Ms. Mary Mwangi
Kitengela Clinic Manager
Ms. Joanne Mbwabi
 Ms. Ongata Rongai Clinic Manager
Ms. Fildis Kaari
 Thika Clinic Manager
Ms. Priscilla Mutua
 Mombasa Clinic Manager
Ms. Rose Maweu
 Buruburu Clinic Manager
Ms. Margaret Majani
 TRM Clinic Manager
Ms. Felicity Kamundi
 Ruaka Clinic Manager
Mr. Edwin Barine
 Junction Clinic Manager
Mr. Daniel Gai