Use of Spacer Devices Checklist

  1. Follow your spacer device us for directions on how many times a day your doctor wants you to take the medication
  2. Prime inhaler if using for the first time or if it has not been used for at least two weeks by shaking and spraying 4 puffs in the air
  3. Remove the cap from inhaler and the spacer, if using a spacer without the face mask.

    (i) Shake the inhaler while holding it upright. Insert inhaler into the back piece of the spacer chamber

  4. Exhale (breathe out)
  5. Place spacing device in the mouth between the teeth and seal the lips around it.
  6. . Squeeze the MDI so 1 puff of medicine is sprayed into the chamber. Let the child breathe slowly in and out of the spacer 3-4 times. Use valve movements to count the number of breaths
  7. If the chamber whistles, breathe